Treeline Outdoor Sports will pickup and deliver our rental watercraft to the following locations.  Genesee River rentals must indicate both their dropoff location and pickup location at the time of rental.  Some locations are pickup only, as it would be unsafe to continue downstream past the location.


Mount Morris Launch:
The Mount Morris launch site on the Genesee River is located just off Rte. 36 at the river - on the south-east side.

There is ample parking and a park-like setting. 


Cuylerville Launch:
The Cuylerville launch site on the Genesee River is located off Rte. 39.  There is a gavel drive and parking south-east of the bridge.

There is a park opposite the river, the location of a famous historical 'torture tree'.

Geneseo Launch:
The Genese launch on the Genesee River is at another park in the Village of Geneseo.  From Rte. 63, take Court Street to Lower Court Street to Riverside Drive.  At the end of Riverside Drive is a park and the launch.

York Launch:
The York launch on the Genesee River is found at York Landing Road at the Genesee Valley Greenway.

There is ample parking for Greenway visitors at this site.

Avon Launch:
The Avon launch on the Genesee River is located at the river bridge on Rte 5.  This is west of the village.

Fillmore Launch:
Found in the town of Fillmore just off East Main Street is the Genesee River launch.

If you've never paddled this stretch of the River, I highly recommend it for the beautiful scenery and clear water!

The Portageville location is a pull-out only location.

This is the last opportunity to exit the River before Letchworth State Park and the waterfalls.

Nobody wants to go over the falls!

Conesus Lake Launch:
We launch our watercraft on the north end of Conesus Lake at Vitale Park in the hamlet of Lakeville.

Vitale Park is a recreational area with BBQ's and tables, perfect for cooking after a day on the water.

Silver Lake Launch:
We use the outlet at our launch location on Silver Lake.  This is located on the north-east corner of the lake.

There is plenty of parking in the area, and you can paddle down the outlet creek before you go!

Hemlock Lake Launch:
The launch on Hemlock Lake is on the east side of the lake, about a mile south of the park setting on the north end of the lake.

This lake is a source of drinking water for MCWA, and there are boating restrictions on this lake as a result.