About Us: 

Treeline Outdoor Sports bloomed from a hobby.  Owner Mark Levey has a passion for paddling, and wanted to share that passion with others.  In 2008, Mark took his savings and purchased 12 kayaks to take friends down the Genesee River.  Word spread, and lines formed.  His kayak rental business began.  Treeline Outdoor Sports grew beyond a one-man show.  Mark hired four staff to provide guided water treks and retail support.

That is just the beginning.

Today, Treeline Outdoor Sports is more than kayak rentals.  We offer canoe, kayak, and SUP board sales and rentals, as well as guided water excursions down the Genesee River.  Begining in 2015, Treeline is offering outdoor and survival training for soccer moms and hardcore survivalists alike!

Mark Levey Founder/ Owner

Mark is the founder and owner of Treeline Outdoor Sports.  The buck stops with him.  If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact him.  Mark will make every effort to assure you are happy with your experience with Treeline. Mark is also a river guide and canoe/kayak/water safety instructor.  Most weekends you will find him on the river!  

Fern Clarke

Certified Outdoor Guide Biography coming soon!  

Steven Cole

Outdoor Survival Specialist The art of self reliance allows an individual to experience a calming confidence when experiencing new situations. As an outdoor survival specialist, I teach self reliance. My background includes time in the U.S. Marine Corps where I received specialized training in land navigation and winter survival.  I have also completed courses in Basic Bushcraft Guide and Ultimate Aboriginal Living.  I spent more than a year backpacking the Ortega Mountains, and lived 'off the grid' in a wikiup for more than six months. I teach primitive fire starting, shelter concepts, finding and treating water, finding/gathering food, first aid, tool making, primitive hunting, stone boiling, stone cooking, and signaling for rescue.   

Nick Eddy CWS-1 Survival Expert Kayak Specialist

Since my youth I have been in love with the great outdoors, and have spent every bit of free time exploring the wild. I have whittled my skills in just about every biome in North America. During my enlistment in the U.S. Marine Corps, I was fortunate enough to go thru specialized training operations such as SAPPER school, and SERE classes.  Growing up Kayaking the "Mighty Genesee" to rafting the Colorado, I have perfected a specialized skillset that I enjoy teaching and passing on to others.